From corporate culture to legal issues to the HR investigation process, we covered plenty of topics in 2018.  Three of our blog articles rose above the others to receive the most engagement.  Unsurprisingly, these three topics each have the potential to have a big impact on your company in the coming months and years.

Three Signs of a Future Fraud Investigation

It’s been said that the easiest way to prevent a problem is to stop it from becoming one in the first place.  It’s also been said that some things are easier said than done.

HR executives can educate, mandate document signings, and even threaten legal action, and people still think they can get away with stealing money.  Unfortunately, people find themselves in certain situations where the illogical conclusion of invulnerability somehow looks logical.

This post identifies three different situations that make it much more likely that an employee will attempt fraud.  Employees in these situations should receive additional attention, so that any fraudulent behavior can be caught early, before it becomes a major liability for the company.

Avoid the “Black Hole of HR” Reputation

Human resource executives are trying to get ahead of their companies’ HR problems, before they land in the press or in court proceedings.  An increasing number of experts, meanwhile, are warning employees not to trust HR executives.  How can HR win?

One way is to not feed into the negative connotations that employees have about their HR departments.  One of the worst is that HR is a black hole –information can enter HR, but no information ever comes from there.  This post provides some examples of how to combat this perception when a complaint has been received without violating anyone’s confidentiality or exposing company to legal risk.

Creating a Work Environment That Prevents Sexual Harassment

With all of the attention being given to corporate sexual harassment over the last year, legal and HR experts have had their much-needed time in the sun.  Many of them have provided great examples of what companies do to put predatory people in positions of power, what they don’t do to protect other workers, and how they can improve their corporate culture.

While these examples are valuable, most of them are anecdotal.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies about what types of corporate environments lead to higher levels of sexual harassment, and which ones are protective.  However, some have started to emerge recently.  This eBook provides evidence-supported conclusions on sexual harassment prevention and explains how specific decisions can reduce sexual harassment at companies across the US.

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