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Benefits of CMTS:HR


Minimize Employer Risk from HR Investigations with CMTS:HR

Employee misconduct. Harassment. Discrimination. Retaliation. Anytime an employee makes a complaint that could fit into one of these categories, it has the potential to turn into a massive risk for an employer.

There’s a lot on the line for the employer when it comes to human resources investigations. One wrong step can lead to employee lawsuits, plummeting employee morale and a bad employer brand that kills recruiting. And unfortunately, many government agencies have one (or more) of these situations:

  • No HR investigation software
  • An antiquated process of tracking investigations
  • No consistency to investigations
  • An overly-complicated system that people just don’t use
  • Everything is still on paper
A Better System for Managing, Tracking and Reporting On HR Investigations

If any of the situations above describes your reality, or the time is right for you to implement a better HR investigation software for another reason, now is the time to take a good look at CMTS:HR. With CMTS:HR you will reduce your employer risk and increase your HR team efficiency through the following benefits:

  • Investigation consistency – ensure a consistent process is followed for all investigations
  • No missing documentation or evidence – require proper documentation and evidence to be entered
  • Rest easy knowing your electronic evidence and documentation is secure and stored in one place
  • Easy to use – save time with our intuitive design that makes it easy to find and enter investigation information
  • Maintain investigation velocity – stay on schedule with notifications that prevent anything from “falling through the cracks”
  • Short ramp up time for users
  • Quick access to key data – view investigation metrics easily and get the reports you need, when you need them
  • Demonstrate to employees and labor reps (if applicable) that you take HR issues and employee misconduct seriously

Let’s get started removing inconsistency from your HR investigations process and minimizing your employer risk today. Give us a call at 855-636-5361 or use the button below to request a demo and learn how CMTS:HR will help you and your agency.

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