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CMTS:HR Features


Powerful Features for HR Investigations Management

We have built CMTS:HR with the features necessary to help our clients reduce employer risk and increase HR team efficiency. We do this primarily by enabling them to ensure a consistent process is followed for all workplace and HR investigations and that all documentation necessary is obtained and maintained in one secure place.

Breaking this down further, our HR investigations management platform includes the following features:
• Configurable to your processes and procedures
• Exceptional service from our knowledgeable and experienced helpdesk
• Track and manage everything in one place
• Comprehensive investigation data instantly available at your fingertips
• Powerful, quick reporting
• Upload searchable, version-tracked documents
• User-customized home page dashboard with current, relevant stats and activities
• Online complaint submission interface
Admin-controlled permission settings to restrict access to confidential information
• Quick Start implementation
• Remote or on-site training
• Actively developed with updates and upgrades that come straight from requests by users

An Easy to Use HR Investigations Management Platform

While the feature set for CMTS:HR is rich, using the system is not complex. We’ve built our HR investigations management platform with a focus on ease of use.

Some alternative systems may be overly bloated or just plain difficult to use. You won’t find that with CMTS:HR. We find that most new clients are able to use it smoothly and comprehensively after a half-day training session.

Another reason CMTS:HR is so easy to use is that we configure the system to match your processes and procedures. We can also build in notifications to make sure all investigations flow the way they are supposed to. We know the HR team is very busy and it can be easy to lose sight of a timeline when you are working on five other projects. These automated notifications help prevent anything from falling through the cracks.

As an employer, you’ve got too much to risk to use a subpar HR investigations system that doesn’t provide what you need to stay in compliance and to conduct swift and thorough investigations. You’ve also got to think about the confidence that your employees have in your organization’s ability to maintain a fair and just work environment where issues are handled promptly and discipline actions are consistent.

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