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CMTS:HR Permissions


Provide the Right Access to the Right People

HR investigations can be very sensitive. The last thing you want is to have sensitive information made accessible to somebody who shouldn’t be seeing it. That’s especially true if it’s a harassment, discrimination or retaliation complaint. Not only do you risk losing the trust of your employees, you risk the greatly increased chances of having to deal with an employee lawsuit.

Usually of a lesser concern but still important, is to only provide access to HR investigation information to those who are conducting the investigation or those who need access to that information for appropriate reporting or decision-making purposes.

Recognizing how important privacy is when it comes to sensitive employee information, we’ve built a strong permissions interface into CMTS:HR. Like with other features of CMTS:HR, we configure the permissions to the request of our client and then enable a system administrator to make future adjustments.

cmts-hr permissions and privacy settings

An example of how the permissions system can be set up:

HR Leaders and Other Executives

This group can log in and easily view the number of investigations in the system and pull specific reports. Reports can be accessed in minutes and are available in multiple formats. CMTS:HR allows extensive reporting features that can simplify any required government or corporate reports.

HR VPs and Directors

Those who have more direct responsibility for overseeing workplace and HR investigations can utilize the features that enhance and monitor workflow. This could include scheduled reports, searching, notifications and case statuses. In addition, system and user-entered chronologies provide complete audit trails.

HR Staff Carrying Out Investigations

Each individual will have direct access to creating and entering data and evidence for the investigations they are responsible for. They’ll be able to upload reports, attach documents, track time and execute quick printing while working on the investigation.

Again, this is just an example. We will work closely with you to ensure that only the appropriate people have access to the appropriate information.

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