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Get the Reports You Want When You Want Them

How many times have you asked a team member for a report and been told that they can’t get it to you until tomorrow?

Even when you know that it’s no fault of the team member that it takes so long to organize the data or pull it together from disparate systems, it’s still a frustrating experience.

Dashboards and Metrics

CMTS:HR is built to provide you the data you need when you need it. It starts with user-customized dashboards that put important metrics at the fingertips of the users. From the second they hit their dashboard those who perform investigations will know exactly where they are on the investigations they are working on.

Those with responsibility for overseeing all workplace and HR investigations will have access to comprehensive case and team metrics easily at any time through the customizable dashboards and with smart searching. They’ll also be able to easily check on the status of all active workplace investigations.


You’ll be able to easily create periodic or current status reports in minutes using our reporting module that comes loaded with predefined and ad-hoc reports. Even better, during the onboarding process we will work closely with you to ensure that the canned reports you need are created in your reporting module. Reports can be automated to run at certain times with an email notification sent to the proper team member to let them know that the report is available.

And, very importantly, permissions can be set up for report access as well, ensuring that each team member is able to access only those reports that they should have access to.

We believe that CMTS:HR has one of the most robust and easy to use reporting modules for HR investigations that you can find in a workplace investigations management platform. We’d love to show it to you during a demo – please give us a call at 855-636-5361 or tap the “Request a Demo” button below.

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