Have you ever been in a heavily attended, consequential meeting where it’s clear that people have questions, but nobody is willing to ask them? 

When the presenter gets to the end, they ask if there are any questions, and an uncomfortable feeling permeates the room.  “Surely,” thinks the presenter, “someone has a question.”  So they continue to wait, and the pregnant pause drags on for what seems like an eternity. 

Finally, with a hint of surprise and disappointment, the presenter says, “OK, well thanks!”  The tension in the room falls – but only slightly – and the presenter leaves, wondering what questions people had that were so pointed that people were afraid to ask them.

Does this describe your internal tip line?

If so, it’s probably not because there aren’t issues that need to be addressed at your company.  We’ve covered the fact that 38% of women experience sexual harassment at work.  Gallup has also pointed out that half of all people who leave a job do so because of their boss.  So why aren’t employees reporting the issues that they’re almost certainly experiencing?

Here are a few possible reasons – and how you can address them.

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