Depending on the importance placed on the HR function at a company, justifying HR software purchases can range from moderately straightforward to extremely complex.  And while budget constraints are a major factor in transitioning away from old software, they certainly aren’t the only one.  Migrating from one system to another requires data migration, user training and working with a new vendor, all of which can cause stress and time loss if they go badly.

Despite this, there are a few reasons why it’s still worth the cost, and the hassle to switch HR investigations software.  Here are a three of them.

A Lack of Consistency – If your HR investigations software doesn’t provide you with confidence that you’re treating all employees the same way in an investigation, and that you’re following all of the steps in an investigation to stay on the right side of the law and corporate policy, you face major financial risk.  The cost of software and transition will pale in comparison to the liability caused by a poorly managed investigation.

A Lack of Security – Software security flaws are identified constantly – many of these flaws can leave a network susceptible to data theft or deletion.  These flaws are identified and patches are offered by vendors for as long as the software is supported.  Once that date passes, security flaws are unlikely to go patched.

Security is about more than software patches, however.  It’s also about data access.  If you don’t have confidence that only investigators can access the location where your company’s investigative data is stored, or if you’re still using paper records, you may be exposed to an internal leak of confidential data.

A Lack of Results – Ultimately, investigations are initiated to come to a conclusion about events that occurred and to take the proper action based on that conclusion.  If your HR investigations software isn’t helping you get to that result, and providing you with confidence that you’re taking the right steps in the right order over the right time frame, then it’s time to consider a new software alternative.

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