What comes to mind when you think of Uber?  Is it the quality of their drivers? The value of the service they provide?  According to a recent poll by the BMG, that’s not where many of the customers’ minds are right now.

Eighty percent of Uber customers in the UK would switch to a different ride-hailing service if they treated their drivers better.  Over half of those surveyed would even be willing to pay more for the service.  It’s just the most recent example of how your reputation among employees is your reputation among customers.

For many businesses, a Google search will reveal a page 1 result for Glassdoor, with their employee review score right next to the link.  In a meeting with analysts, Salesforce.com revealed that a company’s Glassdoor reviews factor into how much they’re willing to pay when acquiring companies.  It’s hard to blame them – who wants to buy from a company that treats their employees terribly?

Software Company CEO Daniel Chait recently wrote an article in Forbes pointing out that there’s no distinction between hiring brands and customer brands.  A company that cannot sell its workplace environment to employees won’t be able to sell its products to customers either.  In today’s world, your employer brand may be even more important than your consumer brand. That’s why, in Chait’s opinion, more and more CEOs are rising to their role from the HR position instead of the traditional sales and marketing roles.

Has your company built an environment where employees enjoy coming to work?  Do they feel like your company’s reputation improves their own by association?  Are they encouraged to recognize their fellow colleagues when they help make the company look great? Are they encouraged to report any shady activity that could damage the reputation of the company?

These are more than ‘feel good’ HR questions – in today’s age of instant communication and corporate social responsibility, they feed directly into your bottom line.

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